Relationship Expert. Life Coach. Speaker. Psychotherapist.


Relationship Expert. Life Coach. Speaker. Psychotherapist.


Relationship Expert. Life Coach. Speaker. Psychotherapist.


Dr. Stewart has just been picked up by the Huffington Post

Dr. Warrick T. Stewart, Ed.D, CRC, LPC, PLCAS

For more than six years, psychotherapist and Life Coach, Dr. Warrick T. Stewart has been an integral and innovative addition to the counseling and mental health field.
Dr.Stewart is a Licensed Professional Counselor in both North Carolina and Georgia. He is also a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

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Everybody gets the blues sometimes. Most people occasionally feel anxious or nervous. But if you just can’t shake those feelings, or when they are interfering with your life.
Dr. Warrick provides a non-judgmental and supportive environment in which caring therapists are committed to helping you resolve any issues you are facing.
Whether married or not, straight or gay, young or less-young, all couples have differences that can lead to tension, hurt, anger, loneliness, disappointment, or
On a practical level, coaching is about setting and achieving goals. On a spiritual level, coaching leads to a more purposeful and successful life.
For some people, getting into a counseling office is difficult for one reason or another. While face-to-face counseling is a much better process, I can also provide assistance by phone.

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