Depression, anxiety or other emotional distress

Everybody gets the blues sometimes. Most people occasionally feel anxious or nervous, but if you just can’t shake those feelings, or they are interfering with your life, you need help. Life is short and precious. With assistance, you can explore those painful feelings in a safe setting, working through unresolved issues that may be hiding beneath them and tap your hidden resilience so you can move forward in your life.

Stress is an uncomfortable but normal part of life. Panicdisorder is a high stress reaction. Agoraphobia is panic at such intensity that people can become virtually confined to their homes. Learning to manage stress is critical for physical, as well as emotional health. Sometimes the source of your stress is in your family’s history, and other times it comes from your daily life. Understanding what it is, and where it comes from (even perhaps before you have language to describe it) will begin to give you some power over it. You can learn to recognize triggers for your distress, and to calm yourself before things spin out of control. Together we can design some ways to reduce the intensity of your reactions, and also to relieve the symptoms of stress caused by trauma orpost-traumatic stress disorder.

A transition has been called “the pause between trapezes”. This uncomfortable period can result from the death of a loved one, a divorce, moving to a new city, change of school or job, medical condition, or any other loss or change. Even positive changes like graduation, marriage or a new baby, are often stressful. Sometimes it takes only a brief time to sort through the difficulty of change, reach your inner strength, and grow through the uncertainty of transitions. And sometimes you will discover other issues beneath the surface, making the current situation feel morestressful. If that’s the case, then it’s to your advantage to address them now, so they don’t continue to interfere with your happiness and peace. In addition to individual therapy for dealing with life transitions, I also conduct a support group program, and seminars addressing a variety of issues such as: job loss, divorce, remarriage, and other transitions.