With Dr. Warrick Stewart, you will find a non-judgmental and supportive environment, in which caring therapists are committed to helping you resolve any issues you are facing.

Most LGBT people find themselves coping with varying degrees of stress, anxiety, grief, depression, marital and parenting conflicts at some point in their lives. Similarly, all couples argue over the same kinds of issues: i.e. money, sex, family interference, and time spent together. Our therapists and life coaches at SCA, understand that we are ALL unique in our own way and having an affirming, empathetic person to talk to that understands the importance of “unconditional positive regard” is critical.

For gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, typical problems include finding solutions for:

  • Discrimination and oppression as a sexual minority
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Being an “authentic” self – coming out to friends and family
  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Understanding oneself, with homosexuality being part of self, but not the defining factor of who you are
  • Gay and lesbian marriage problems
  • Gay and lesbian parenting issues

Dr. Warrick’s inviting and supportive atmosphere helps to facilitate change on many levels. Find out how our affordable counseling services can make a difference in your life by calling (770)559-5941 for your free confidential consultation.

LGBT Couples Counseling

Communication is a common problem in relationships. During difficult times, such as financial situations, child -rearing or physical health problems, each individual may have a different perception or emotional response leading to a breakdown in communication. To further complicate matters, a relationship undergoing distress can result in sadness, worry, anger or resentment. Such emotions can in turn, affect how you handle children, work and friendships. Lacking open lines of communication, each person in the relationship including everyone in the family, may feel misunderstood and unloved. When blaming enters the picture, the relationship or family situation reaches a point where problem solving and conflict resolution are virtually impossible without professional counseling.

Therapy May Be the Answer

Dr. Warrick Stewart can help you and your partner:

  • Focus on the source(s) of your problems
  • Identify areas of miscommunication
  • Learn how to have a discussion without blaming, criticizing and without anger
  • Identify patterns one or both of you are repeating
  • Understand factors that both of you are avoiding
  • Find new ways to communicate
  • Discover new problem-solving skills