Before our first session, the law requires that we discuss fees. That’s a pretty awkward way to start a therapeutic relationship, and it is NOT a reflection of what I value about working with people, but it’s necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings. Cash, checks, e-checks, debit or credit cards are accepted for payment. Generally, fees are expected on the day of services, unless other arrangements have been made. Telephone counseling sessions are paid by credit or debit card in advance.


Most insurance companies cover a portion of mental health services, but every plan is different. Please contact our office to determine if I am on your insurance panel. If not, you will be responsible for your own services and will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Why consider possible self-payment of fees? Paying for your own therapy rather than going through your insurance company can provide you with a greater sense of privacy and control over your treatment. I will do everything possible to provide confidentiality when working with you. However, your insurance company will require a psychiatric diagnosis, and some managed care companies also want additional personal information to determine fee payment. Managed care companies have an employee, usually a person with less clinical expertise than a therapist, who evaluates your condition and your progress to determine the length of treatment, which is often very limited. It is also possible that your personal information will be electronically stored and might affect later access to health or disability coverage.

I do offer sliding fee scales based upon income. Please inquire on an individual basis prior to scheduling an appointment.

Fee Schedule


50 Minute


90 Minute


50 Minute Couples Session


Life Coaching 60 Minute Session



$25 Group Therapy

(Must prepay for entire group)
(Most groups are 10 weeks so the minimum to be paid would be $250.00)